Social Services

At BCMH, a licensed, bachelor level social worker is available to assist individuals, couples, and families cope with social, psychological, cultural, and medical issues resulting from illness.  The social worker is available to assist patients to fully utilize their medical care, services, and community resources by:

  • Education and supportive counseling to patients and their families.
  • Coordination of patient transfers to a variety of specialized settings, including rehabilitative or skilled nursing facilities.
  • Access to both public and private entitlement programs in inpatient and outpatient.
  • Discharge planning, which includes working with the patient, family, and medical staff to develop post-hospital care.
  • Help with Advance Directives.
  • Support for patients and families managing chronic medical problems and crisis situations.

Social services is available to patients throughout the health care spectrum, including acute care, clinic, physician offices, emergency department, home care, and hospice.  For more information, call (906)524-3355.