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Swing bed is a Medicare hospital-based program designed to help individuals needing more rehabilitation, but no longer in need of acute care, before returning home. This would include those who are continuing to recover following an illness, stroke, injury, or surgery. During an individual’s time in the BCMH Swing Bed program, they can dress in their own clothes and take part in a variety of daily activities. The program focuses every effort on increasing independence.

The BCMH Swing Bed Program allows patients to move from acute care to a skilled level of care, ensuring continuity of care by keeping individuals in the same facility with the same doctors, nurses and therapists. Even those who have received their inpatient care at another hospital can choose Baraga County Memorial Hospital for their swing bed care. Arrangements can be made to transfer patients to BCMH which will allow them to be close to home, family and friends during their recovery.

Individualized care and daily therapy is centered on self-care and body strengthening, preparing the individual to return home. The expert care team will create an individualized treatment plan outlining goals to allow return to their normal activities. If it becomes necessary, individuals can return to acute care, often remaining in the same room.

The BCMH Swing Bed Program provides the same services as the skilled nursing units at other healthcare facilities, offering the choice to be conveniently closer to home with an expert care team assisting individuals in getting back to the things they enjoy.

For more information on the BCMH Swing Bed Program, call 906.524.3355.