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In order to provide a wide range of service options, BCMH has on staff a licensed Master Social Worker who is available to assist with social, psychological, cultural and medical issues resulting from illness. The Social Worker is available to help patients fully utilize his or her medical care, services and community resources by:

  • Providing education and supportive assistance to the patient and his or her family.
  • Coordinating patient transfers to a variety of specialized settings, including rehabilitative or skilled nursing facilitates.
  • Assisting in the acquisition of funding sources and concrete resources.
  • Coordinating discharge planning, including working with the patient, his or her family and medical staff to develop post-hospital care.
  • Providing information and guidance to develop Advanced Directives.
  • Supporting the patient and his or her family to manage chronic medical problems or potential crisis situations.

Social Services staff is available to patients throughout the healthcare spectrum including: acute care, specialty clinic, physician offices, emergency department, and home health care as well as hospice services. For additional information about receiving social services assistance please call 906.524.3355.