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The Medical Records department at BCMH is responsible for maintaining pertinent medical information from all visits to the hospital. The records are stored in a combination of electronic records and paper records. Included in a patient’s chart is information and results from outpatient services such as laboratory and imaging, outpatient surgeries, emergency room visits, walk-in clinic visits, and inpatient admissions. These records are kept for a period of ten years.

Release of Medical Records

In order to provide copies of medical records, the department requires a signed release form from the patient. This form includes the full patient name, date of birth, address, date of service and phone number. Proof of identity, such as a driver’s license or a photo ID, is also required to verify that the records are released to the proper persons.

Records can be picked up, mailed, faxed or now emailed. Records may be picked up by the patient themselves, or by a friend or relative providing they have a written notice signed and dated from the patient, stating that they wish to have this person pick up their medical records.

Patients are encouraged to call ahead whenever possible so the requested records can be assembled and ready when they arrive to pick them up. Fees may apply when obtaining copies of medical records.

For more information, or questions regarding medical records, please call 906.524.3330.
Fax number – 906.524.3162