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The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is available through Baraga County Home Care and Hospice and is located inside the hospital. The program is conducted at the Physical Therapy Department of Baraga County Memorial Hospital and consists of:

Phase I:

Occurs during hospitalization following an acute cardiac episode. During Phase I, the cardiac patient is gradually and safely advanced to a low level of activity through a series of supervised and monitored exercises.

Phase II:

An outpatient program located within the Physical Therapy Department of Baraga County Memorial Hospital. It is a rehabilitation program that is an individualized monitored program, lasting up to twelve weeks, tailored to meet each participant’s needs. The program meets three mornings per week for one to one and one-half hour sessions. Activities include stationary bicycling, treadmill, arm ergometer, individual stretching, and light resistance exercises. Each participant’s progress is reviewed with the participant’s primary physician regularly. The participants are also given guidelines for home activities and directly involved in goal setting.

Phase III:

An outpatient program involving unmonitored exercise activities. Various cardiovascular training and walk-jog exercises are conducted during the forty-five minute to one hour sessions


The educational component of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program addresses the risk factors related to heart disease and life-style modifications. Weekly educational sessions will include nutrition and diet counseling, smoking cessation techniques, and video programs to enhance an understanding or risk factors and to help promote a healthy lifestyle. The goal is to enhance an understanding of self-assessment, medical management, knowledge of disease progression, and awareness of potential complications.