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The Ambulatory Care Unit is a diverse setting where outpatient medical and surgical care are provided for patients, and who can be discharged shortly after their procedure. Minor surgical procedures and outpatient medical procedures offered in ambulatory care may include:

  • Administration of intramuscular medication
  • Arthrocentesis injections (medication infused into the knee by a physician)
  • Blood administration
  • Bone marrow biopsies
  • Chemotherapy (working with the oncologist to provide the best care for cancer patients)
  • Excision of lesions or cysts
  • Foley catheter insertions
  • Foreign body removal
  • Intravenous medication drips given through an IV line
  • Lumbar punctures to have fluid removed from the spine and sent to laboratory/pathology
  • Paracentesis (removal of fluid from the abdomen)
  • Thoracentesis (removal of fluid from the lung)

Prior to discharge from the ambulatory care unit following minor surgical and outpatient medical procedures, patients are provided specific instructions to assure optimal recovery at home.

The Ambulatory Care Unit works in conjunction with all BCMH departments to give the finest care to patients.