The experienced staff at the BCMH Laboratory offers an extensive menu of laboratory testing and is overseen by Scott Kantola, MD, a Board Certified Pathologist.  Testing can include:

  • Basic chemistry tests such as electrolytes, thyroid, liver enzymes and renal tests.
  • Chemical analysis for blood glucose and glycohemoglobin levels which assists the physician in controlling and managing diabetes.
  • Cardiac enzymes which are found in high concentrations in the heart.  During a heart attack, these enzymes are released into circulation.  The enzymes can be measured to detect not only the presence of heart damage, but also the severity.
  • Therapeutic blood monitoring for medications such as Coumadin, a common blood thinner.  A coagulation test called a pro-time is performed to achieve a safe therapeutic range.
  • Routine urinalysis for detection of urinary tract infections, kidney stones, diabetes and renal disease.
  • Bacteria cultures to determine the cause of an infection.  Once the bacteria have grown in the lab, they are tested against a battery of antibiotics.  This testing will inform the physician which drug is working best at the lowest concentration.
  • Blood banking as part of the U.P. Regional Blood Center
  • The BCMH Lab is open and staffed from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  On-call laboratory staff is available for testing 24 hours a day in the case of an emergency.