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Ultrasonographer – Full Time

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The Ultrasonographer provides health care services, applying Diagnostic Ultrasound to assist in diagnosis and
treatment. Performs ultrasound procedures and related techniques, producing images for interpretation by a
Licensed Practitioner. Exercises professional judgment in performance of services and maintains a demeanor
complementary to medical ethics. Provides appropriate patient care and recognizes patient conditions
essential for successful completion of the procedure based upon the age of the individual served.
The practice of Ultrasonography includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Performs procedures upon the order of, or for the diagnostic interpretation by a Licensed Practitioner.
  •  Performs optimal patient care applying established and accepted protocols.
  • Supervises peers and/or students where applicable.
  •  Supervises peers and/or students where applicable.
  • Ultrasound is performed on any or all body organs, systems, or structures involving general ultrasound
    procedures. Individuals must demonstrate competency to meet state licensure, permit, or certification
    requirements defined by law for the credentials described above.


Radiology Manager


  • State statutes may exist which define and/or limit the scopes of practice for individuals who perform
    ultrasound procedures.
  • RDMS-Registered Diagnostic Sonographer
    Specialty: Abdomen, OB/GYN
  • RDCS-Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer
    Specialty: Cardiology
  • RVT-Registered Vascular Technologist
    Specialty: Vascular Technology
  • Must maintain current CPR.


  • Performs diagnostic Ultrasound procedures.
  • Corroborates patients clinical history with procedure, assuring information is documented and available for
    use by a licensed practitioner.
  • Prepares patient for procedures: providing instructions to obtain desired results, gain cooperation, and
    minimize anxiety.
  • Selects and operates ultrasound equipment, and associated accessories to successfully perform procedures.
  • Positions patients to best demonstrate anatomic area of interest, respecting patient ability and comfort.
  • Immobilizes patients as required for appropriate examination.
  • Determines appropriate ultrasound technique.
  • Evaluates ultrasound images for technical quality, assuring proper identification is recorded.
  • Assumes responsibility for provision of physical and psychological needs of patients during procedures.
  • Practices aseptic techniques as necessary.
  • Verifies informed consent for, and assists a licensed practitioner with interventional procedures.
  • Initiates basic life support action when necessary.
  • Provides patient education.
  • Assists in maintaining records, respecting confidentiality and established policy.
  • Assumes responsibility for assigned area and reports equipment malfunction.
  • Provides input for equipment purchase and supply decisions.
  • Provides practical instruction for students and/or other health professionals.
  • Participates in department’s quality assessment plan.
  • Pursues appropriate continuing education.
  • Must be able to demonstrate knowledge of BCMH Corporate Compliance plan, Code of Conduct and reporting
    process of any compliance concerns.
  • Shall be responsible for completing educational requirements.
  • Complies with HIPAA requirements for security and confidentiality.
  • Observes all infection control and safety policies and procedures.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.



  • Crouching, Keying, Grasping, Lifting, Pulling, Pushing
  • Reaching, Standing, Stooping
  • An individual in this position will be required to carry or lift weights in the range of: Up to 25 pounds frequently, Up to 50 pounds occasionally


  • Feeling
  • Speaking
  • Hearing
  • Seeing


  • Inside environmental conditions
  • Blood borne pathogens
  • Physical hazards
  • Chemical hazards



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