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I will exceed our customer’s expectations by going above and beyond traditional duties. I will make every effort to walk patients/visitors to their destinations and show courtesy by smiling and initiating and responding to greetings. I will make every effort to keep patients and family members comfortable and informed; and if delays arise, I will apologize and keep patients/visitors up to date.

I will always ask a patient/visitor if there is anything else that I may help them with.

I will answer the phone promptly identifying the hospital (for external calls), my department, and my name.

I will never tell a patient, visitor, or co-worker “That’s not my job” or that I cannot do something because we are “short-staffed”. I will, to the best of my abilities, help the patient/visitor/co-worker or find the appropriate person to assist them.

I will explain bills, tests, and procedures to patients and family. I will encourage questions and provide the customer with choices within my scope of practice.

I will immediately acknowledge an unanswered call light by entering the room stating who I am and asking “How may I help you?” If I cannot fulfill the request, I will seek out the appropriate caregiver.


I will treat others as I would like to be treated, with honesty and tact. Coach, don’t criticize; Praise, don’t condemn; Listen, don’t react; and Cheer, don’t complain. I will remember that my attitude, words, vocal tone, body language, and action have tremendous power.

I will consider at all times: are my actions and attitude nice, honest and necessary?


I will respect individual privacy and discuss patient, staff, family or visitor related issues or problems with appropriate personnel on a need to know basis and in the appropriate setting.

I will display compassion and empathy regardless of an individual’s social, spiritual, economic or education status.

I will display confidence in BCMH as a healthcare facility, by speaking positively, both internally and externally, about the facility I work for.

I will establish trust by following through on requests and communicate barriers or delays that may occur.


I will recognize that fun and laughter belong in the workplace, in the appropriate setting and situation. I will recognize staff that participates in facility activities that promote fun, involvement, and working together.

I will be innovative and consistently seek ways to improve services without negatively pre-judging new possibilities. I will remember that change is inevitable and accept it with an open mind and a positive attitude.

I will come to work on time and be prepared by wearing my name badge and appropriate attire. I will follow BCMH policies related to breaks, personal phone calls, and overtime. I will complete all mandatory educational requirements (i.e. Care learning and in-services/training) in the time required.

I will be flexible and show a willingness to help out in order to get the job done (i.e. cross-training) I will be kind and patient with new staff, by teaching and mentoring and remembering that everyone was “new” once.