BCMH to Host Group Visits

September 18, 2023

A recently developed health and wellness education program for patients

Baraga County Memorial Hospital’s new doctor, Evan Loukusa, started monthly group visits held in the BCMH conference room. Each visit will be a new topic and sometimes include a guest speaker. Group visits are billed through the patient’s insurance as a regular doctor’s visit. Interested parties can sign up for the visit by calling the BCMH Physician Group at 906-524-6118.

“We had 10 patients at our inaugural group visit, which was about eating for weight loss. I’m very excited to see that Baraga county community members are engaging in having this type of access to their hospital and healthcare provider.”, said Dr. Loukusa.

CEO Rob Stowe stated, “The idea is that people will find the conversational and casual nature of these visits helpful and engaging. It is encouraging to see such a great turn out at our first group visit. This concept was brought to us by Dr. Loukusa and we are pleased to see it going so well.”

For more information on Group Visits, including upcoming topics, please visit: https://bcmh.org/classes-events/