BCMH promotes Michigan DNR’s ‘Ride Right’ Campaign

January 30, 2023

Snowmobiling is a common, and exhilarating, sport during Midwestern winters – one that can be dangerous if not done properly. 

The BCMH Medical Control Authority wants to remind amateur and avid snowmobilers that participating in the activity should be done responsibly. Our organization is actively promoting the Michigan DNR’s ‘Ride Right’ campaign.

Since the start of the snowmobiling season, “Almost every county in the Upper Peninsula had a snowmobiling fatality in just three weeks of having enough snow to start the season”.

The ‘Ride Right’ campaign’s key messages are:

  • Ride at a safe speed
  • Ride sober
  • Ride on the right
  • Ride within your abilities
  • Watch out and move over for groomers

To learn more visit: https://www.secondwavemedia.com/upword/devnews/riderightsnowmobile.aspx