Moderna Bivalent COVID Vaccine

October 3, 2022

BCMH now has the new Moderna bivalent Covid vaccine available. Anyone 18 years or older may receive the new Moderna bivalent booster shot. To be eligible, you must wait 2 months (8 weeks) from the previous booster shot. The new Moderna booster is only approved as a booster shot, not to be used as the original series for anyone requiring their first dose. Those that wish to receive the first or second dose in the original series, BCMH still has the original monovalent vaccines available of Pfizer and Moderna.
The new Pfizer bivalent vaccine is now available here at BCMH. People aged 12 years and older may receive the new bivalent Pfizer booster vaccine.

It is acceptable to mix between different booster shot manufacturers. If anyone received the Pfizer booster vaccine, it is okay to receive Moderna booster instead.