3-D Digital Mammography

August 16, 2019


Siemens 3-D Digital Mammography System Provides High Quality Breast Imaging in a Patient-Friendly Environment

August 16, 2019 – Baraga County Memorial Hospital announces the installation of a state of the art 3-D digital mammography system that can provide a more pleasant, soothing exam environment for patients while helping to minimize radiation dose and provide physicians with vital information. The MAMMOMAT® Revelation from Siemens Healthcare captures 2-D and 3-D breast images that can be displayed immediately on the radiologist’s workstation.

Although we will continue to offer 2-D digital mammograms, which allow radiologists to manipulate image characteristics such as magnification, orientation, brightness and contrast to improve the ability to view specific areas of the breast, our new unit will offer 3-D tomography. This technology allows radiologists to view dense breast tissue like never before, slice by slice similar to that of a CT scan, helping to ensure a more thorough exam. With the MAMMOMAT Revelation system, results are produced instantaneously, helping to decrease anxiety for patients.

“Unlike other 3-D units across the Upper Peninsula, our new Siemens Mammomat Revelation unit is currently the only FDA approved unit to use the 3D tomography images to create a separate set of synthetic 2-D images. This allows a lower patient dose because we aren’t taking 2D images in addition to the 3D images! We will have the industry’s widest angle in 3D breast tomosynthesis, allowing the radiologist to see through more overlapping tissue within the breast. This new equipment will be a huge asset to BCMH improving the care of breast health for the women of Baraga County and the surrounding areas!” stated Jen Laufenberg, BCMH’s Lead Mammographer.

One of the MAMMOMAT Revelation’s unique features is the Mood Light that provides a more soothing, comfortable environment for patients getting mammograms. The color of the lighting can change throughout the day to various soft pastel shades or stay just one color that best matches the environment. To help minimize the patient’s radiation dose and exposure time during a mammogram, the Revelation automatically selects the appropriate dose for individual patient’s breast characteristics. To help further ensure patient comfort, the Revelation applies compression only as long as the patient’s breast is soft and pliable. To improve patient comfort even further, the new unit has rounded compression paddles allowing for more tolerable compression in the area of the clavicle and shoulder.

BCMH CEO Margie Hale noted, “I am excited to introduce the Mammomat Revelation that is able to see the difference, so early detection can make a difference in a women’s life. BCMH is the only hospital in the UP to offer this state of the art technology to our community.”