Surgical Services

Surgical Services

The surgical suite at Baraga County Memorial Hospital offers state of the art equipment, making it possible to provide an expanded number of surgical procedures at BCMH for convenient, close to home surgery.  Surgical procedures are provided by Board Certified Surgeons and include:

Anesthesia Services

The Anesthesia Department at BCMH offers a wide range of anesthesia services including general, regional, spinal, epidural, and IV sedation and is staffed by a full time Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).  The department not only provides anesthesia services for surgical and endoscopy patients, but also may help with airway management, IV access, and/or resuscitation efforts throughout the hospital when needed.

Patients receiving anesthesia services are evaluated prior to surgery to determine the most beneficial anesthesia technique.  Throughout surgery, a patient is continually monitored for vital signs all the way through the completion of the procedure and the entire recovery period. 

BCMH has the latest anesthesia equipment available, including some state of the art equipment many other hospitals in the UP do not have.  Evaluation and updating of anesthesia services and training continually occur to ensure patients receive the best anesthesia care possible at BCMH.

The BCMH surgical team, including a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, prepares patients through pre-operative teaching, and monitors patients in the recover area after surgery.  Visitors are not permitted in any operation room or surgical recovery room, with the exception of parents of children who are permitted into the pre-op area with their child.  A waiting area/lounge is provided for family members while the patient’s surgery is being performed.  The staff at BCMH works diligently to keep family members updated throughout the surgical procedure.  For more information about surgical procedures available at BCMH call (905) 524-3387.